idk if anyone even remembers me but i think i’m gonna come back to indie… i mean if that’s cool….?

I’m starting to have that anxious feeling again about indie. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do but I’ll let you know.


  • Besties with: cora
  • In love with: stiles
  • I saved: erica
  • Species: human
  • Interests: school
  • Pack: mccall
  • Enemies with: jennifer
  • Saves my life: cora
  • Place: animal hospital

text ;

  1. greg: idiot? more like genius
  2. greg: yes, that coke
  3. greg: wait. what were you thinking??
  4. annie: whatever helps you sleep at night
  5. annie: don't worry about it
  6. annie: hows the stomach?
Text ➥ Best Friend



Nathan sighed at her reply before texting her back. ‘You don’t deserve any of this.’ He placed his phone in his pocket before grabbed his key. Letting the door close behind him before  walking towards the park. He looked around as he noticed a brunette before walking towards her. “Hey, are you okay?”

Reading Nathan’s text Katie could feel a couple tears escape her eyes before she quickly brushed them away. Sitting on a park bench Katie waited for her friend to get here. When she felt the boy sit next to her Katie tried her best to muster up a brave face. Despite the marks on her face left from her fathers rash the dark haired girl nodded, “I’m okay, just shaken up a bit.”


Making the usual route to her friend’s house Elliot’s mind was swarmed with thoughts all about her sister’s wedding. Somehow she had allowed herself to be guilt tripped into doing just about all the hard work. Elliot couldn’t even say she was that surprised, she had been doing things for the girl since she was born. Finally reaching Clayton’s house Elliot knocked once before letting herself in. “I’m an absolute idiot, how did I let myself become this involved with this stupid wedding, I don’t even like the guy, but will my sister listen to me? No of course not. Anyway, if you’re not busy, it’d be super great of you to come and try a bunch of cakes with me.”

text ;

  1. greg: why?!
  2. greg: i was thinking about coca cola
  3. greg: but i guess it could work with pepsi too
  4. annie: cause you're an idiot
  5. annie: oooooooooohhhhhhhhh that coke
  6. annie: yeah you'll be fine


After countless times of being asked how her mother died and Gabby’s only response being ‘the voices did it’ the doctors believed that it would probably be best if they kept the girl in the psych ward until they figured out more about these so called voices. It had been about a week since she had arrived and honestly Gabby believed the place was doing more harm than good. Sitting in group therapy Gabby watched different people and their behaviors and the only thing she could concluded was she didn’t belong here. The therapist’s voice interrupted her thoughts by asking how her time has been so far. “Honestly? I’ve been attacked by two patients, I’ve almost been crushed by a falling beam and everyone here thinks I’m crazy.” By the look the therapist was giving, she was one of those people as well.

text ;

  1. greg: you know i have been thinking
  2. greg: would it be bad to mix mints with coke?
  3. greg: i mean to mix it in my tummy
  4. annie: you and thinking don't work well
  5. annie: depends on what kind of coke you're talking
  6. annie: no shit sherlock

“I don’t want to get attached to anyone anymore, it only destroys me in the end”

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